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About the Training

The great power of Internet Of Things comes with the great responsibility of security". Being the hottest technology, the developments and innovations are happening at a stellar speed, but the security of IoT is yet to catch up. Since the safety and security repercussions are serious and at times life threatening, there is no way you can afford to neglect the security of IoT products.

Practical Internet of Things (IoT) Hacking” is a unique course which offers security professionals, a comprehensive understanding of the complete IoT Technology suite including, IoT protocols, sensors, client side, mobile, cloud and their underlying weaknesses. The extensive hands-on labs enable attendees to identify, exploit or fix vulnerabilities in IoT, not just on emulators but on real smart devices as well. 
The course focuses on the attack surface on current and evolving IoT technologies in various domains such as home, enterprise Automation. It covers grounds-up on various IoT protocols including internals, specific attack scenarios for individual protocols and open source software/hardware tools one needs to have in their IoT penetration testing arsenal. It also covers hardware attack vectors and approaches to identify respective vulnerabilities . In addition to the protocols and hardware it also focuses on reverse engineering mobile apps and native code to find weaknesses.

Throughout the course, We will use eXos, an VM created by us specifically for IoT penetration testing. eXos is the result of our R&D and has most of the required tools for IoT security analysis. We will also distribute DIVA – IoT, a vulnerable IoT sensor made in-house for hands-on exercises.

The “Practical Internet of Things (IoT) Hacking” course is aimed at security professionals who want to enhance their skills and move to/specialise in IoT security. The course is  structured for beginner to intermediate level attendees who do not have any experience in IoT, reversing or hardware.

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner to Intermediate


  • Five day “Practical IoT Hacking Bootcamp
  • Three day “Practical IoT Hacking Bootcamp
  • Two day “Practical IoT Hacking Bootcamp

Who should take this course

  •  Penetration testers tasked with auditing IoT
  •  Government officials from defensive or offensive units
  •  Red team members tasked with compromising the IoT infrastructure
  •  Security professionals who want to build IoT security skills 
  •  Bug hunters who want to find new bugs in IoT products
  •  Embedded security enthusiasts
  •  IoT Developers and testers
  •  Anyone interested in IoT security


  •  Basic knowledge of web and mobile security
  •  Good Knowledge of Linux OS
  •  Knowledge of programming -  python
  •  Basic knowledge of assembly programming (any) would be a plus

What attendees will be provided With

  • Commercial IoT Devices for hands-on (only during the class)
  • DIVA - IoT: custom vulnerable IoT sensor Testbed for hands-on (only during the class)
  • Hardware tools for sensor analysis for hands-on (only during the class)
  • eXos VM - Platform for IoT Penetration testing
  • Training material/slides
  • Practical IoT hacking Lab manual PDF 

What to expect

  • Hands-on Labs
  • Getting familiar with the IoT security
  • Reverse engineering 
  • This course will give you a direction to start performing penetration tests on IoT products

What not to expect

  • Becoming a hardware/IoT hacker overnight. Use the knowledge gained in the training to start penetration testing IoT devices and sharpen your skills.

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